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1.6 KiB

Eufy RoboVac 11s IR protocol


Timings High Low
Preamble 3ms 3ms
Logical 0 400µs 600µs
Logical 1 400µs 1.6ms
Trailer 400µs 20ms

Carrier frequency: 38kHz

Frame: (Preamble + 48bits + Trailer) * 3

Format: 68CCHHMMSSKK (Hex, MSB first)

Frame contents

Section Description
CC command
HH hour
MM minute
SS schedule (in quarters of an hour from midnight, 0xff=off)
KK checksum (sum of all bytes in the frame modulo 256)
CC Command
1c Max power
1d BoostIQ
1e Standard power
2f Forward
3f Turn CCW
4f Stop cleaning
5d Auto cleaning
6f Turn CW
7f Backward
8c Spot cleaning
9c Edge cleaning
ad Room cleaning
bf Set time
cf Set schedule
df Clear schedule
ef Return to base


Hex Description
685d0f272823 Start
684f0f272815 Stop
68bf11242884 Time (5:36pm)
68bf112b288b Time (5:43pm)
68cf13202892 Schedule 10:00am
68cf132b299e Schedule 10:15am
68cf13305fd9 Schedule 11:45pm
68df1336ff8f Schedule off
685d1406ffde Start
681c1419ffb0 Power (BoostIQ->Max)
681e141effb7 Power (Max->Standard)
681d141effb6 Power (Standard->BoostIQ)
682f142effd8 Up
687f142eff28 Down
683f142effe8 Left
686f142eff18 Right
688c1504ff0c Spot
689c1508ff20 Edge
68ad150cff35 Room
68ef1510ff7b Base